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Our Story

You might be asking if we’re a gym, café or bar? It is both all and neither, Kilter Avenue is a lifestyle space. We promote food for the gut, drinks from the heart and movement that changes the mind.

We invite you to come and play with us.

Fitness. What does it mean to be fit? Is it muscle-bound men and women on a stage flexing their wares? Endless photos of ‘fitness’ bodies on an Instagram feed? Cult-like fad diets that people swear by or outrageous workouts that make the average person sick? Maybe we’re looking at it the wrong way, it is nobody’s fault. We have been conditioned either through semi-conscious influence or ego-centric ideas of what fitness means. Formal fitness education didn’t exist until recently.

Fitness by my definition is the quality of being capable/suitable to fulfil a specific role or task. What role? The role as a Human Being. What task? This task called Living. To be able to act, to move as you wish and play as you want. To win in this game called Life.

The fundamental human need to eat, drink, socialize and build relationships. This will always be. The body’s need for stimulus to grow, develop and change is what drives humanity and our evolution. When did we stop doing that? When we sit for hours on end without moving, doing something we call ‘work’ in a room we call an office. When we eat readily prepared food that is neither nourishing nor healthy, to save time to do even more ‘work’. And we drink without intention only to numb our hearts from a long day of you guessed it, ‘work’.

We are constantly trying to work against ourselves, against our own evolutionary systems. Limiting our thoughts and minds due to the lack of activity and movement. As the saying goes ‘Use it or lose it’, and we are losing, we are essentially devolving as a civilization and no one’s the wiser. Absent and uninspired. Driven but lost.

Everything we do, our goals and our dreams is driven by things outside the 4 walls of the office, boardroom or studio. We’re not here to just ‘work’ and then die. We want to share stories but we’re not really writing anything. We want experiences but limited by the fear of failure. Highly educated but essentially dumb. Knowing is doing, these concepts are not separate from each other. Either without the other is no good. Learning is failing, we challenge you to try and be willing to fail, to fail again and again, only then the learning starts. Keep failing till you cannot fail anymore.

Here at Kilter Avenue, it’s about being ‘Fit’ to be active with your loved ones, ‘Fit’ to build meaningful connections and ‘Fit’ to try new experiences. Food that nourishes the human body, drinks that bond the human spirit and classes that challenge the human machine. To uplift and inspire those around us, to tell stories and share memories. To learn from each other and empower one another.

Fitness is a lifestyle, at some point it will be one and the same. It’s about balance, it’s about equilibrium. Sustainability, longevity and growth. Life is just play after all, so stay fit to play.

‘Fit for Life’.