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Handstand Course

12 Week Handstand Course
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U.P. $450 for a 12 week programme
Weekly assessments
Material for self training at home
Diet recommendation
Complimentary 6 credits for any class at our studio
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If you are looking for the missing pieces of the puzzle to get into a freestanding handstand, this is the course for you.

Complete beginners are welcome too, as this will give a solid foundation for furthering your journey to attaining that beautiful handstand.

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Product Description
The handstand is a beautiful representation of what the human body can achieve when we put our minds to it. A good handstand is calm, fluid and patient.

It is the building block to other acrobatic moves, as it trains you to discipline and introduce a new programme to your mind muscle connection. It heightens your sense of body awareness and muscular engagement. The achievements will be felt first, then seen; a sense of empowerment that you should experience for yourself.

This is a 12 week programme; participants must attend all 12 sessions (make up classes will be granted at the instructor’s discretion, based on his assessment for safety and progression reasons):

Thursdays, 6:45 – 7:45PM

Rough outline of the programme:

Month 1 (Week 1 – 4)
Assessment and introduction to calisthenics and core activation
Understanding handstand training with the wall
Beginning handstand holds on the wall

Month 2 (Week 5 – 8)
Strength and conditioning
Reinforcing basics and techniques learnt in Month 1
Assisted freestanding handstand
Reinforcing handstand training with the wall (tapping on and off)
Getting the confidence to kicking into a freestanding handstand

Month 4 (Week 9 – 12)
Advanced core training (high decline push ups)
Freestanding handstand walks
Final assessment
Introduction to parallettes, canes, dip bars
Introduction to the planche