Yoga Mat Spray – Lavender 100ml


Let the gentle aroma of Lavender essential oil help you relax and rebalance as you go through your practice. Imagine practising in rolling fields of lush Lavender. Take a few deep breaths while you’re at it.


Product Description

Instructions for Use
Shake well before use. Give your mat and room a few good sprays before practice, and enjoy the fresh scent while you work through your poses. A few sprays after practice will santitize your mat before you put it away. Wipe with damp cloth to spread over the mat or just allow to air dry.

We’ve tried this on our backpacks, computer screens, mobile phone screens, keyboards, sofas, seatbelts, our forearms and feet, you name it! Effectively cleans while keeping things smelling fresh. Go on, give it a go yourself 😉


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