Humans are born to move

Come and play. Move around. Move freely. Mix it up. Let’s change the way you perceive exercise.

Explore creative ways of moving your bodies, keep your mind active by playing and having fun.

Take the first step and get off your bum.

Jump. Squat. Lunge. Stretch. Tumble. Roll. Crouch.

We’ve lost so much of the natural movement ability that our ancestors had. The strength, agility and speed that was formed out of need (gotta be quick to snag that boar), the ease with which complex movements were done. Good news! You can have that back! By introducing unfamiliar movement patterns to our workouts, we are able to train and programme the brain to learn something new, building and growing our mental muscle, for other basic functions and movement to be easier and smoother.

Miles Thng

Operations Director

Miles has been involved in sports since young and has engaged in sports like Rugby, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Badminton and many more. He also has an interest in unique foods and drinks and is the guy you'll see in Kilter Avenue everyday, always ensuring that our cafe, gym and bar runs smoothly. From the little things to the big things, Miles always has us covered.

Khid Khairudin

Fitness Director

Khid has a decade of experience in the fitness industry under his belt. He is fond of using motivational questioning in his trainings with himself and his clients. He is a firm believer of learning and applying intention and purpose to a workout. In his classes and client sessions, Khid is always the encouraging and inspiring trainer who always has the client’s best interests at heart.

Karen Heng


Karen is one of the founders of Kilter Avenue. She has always been playing sports and leading an active life since the age of 6, but have only recently discovered the wonders of bodyweight and movement training to work the mind and body. She wants to share mindful and conscious efficiency of fitness with everyone!

Taufiq Azmi

Business Development Manager

Taufiq has been in the fitness industry all his life, and has personally tried different forms of workout regimes and disciplines - football, silat, power lifting, physique building - before deciding that calisthenics is the way to long-term, sustainable fitness! Let him share his stories with you.

Zuhayr Azman


With 3 years of personal training under his belt, Zuhayr first got into calisthenics 2 years ago. He is an artist at heart, and calisthenics marries his two first loves together - fitness in beautiful forms of the human body. With Zuhayr, you’re pushing limits, smashing personal bests, discovering movements and bettering yourself.

Alex Tham

Kids Coach

Alex has a wealth of experience working with children in gymnastics and acrobatics. He is also specialised in working with autistic children. His patience, nurturing nature and calm disposition makes Alex a wonderful kids coach!

Strength. Mobility. Agility.

We put play to the work.

We have designed workouts and classes using your body as your tool. By manipulating time under tension, tempo and leverage, our in-house classes like Kiltermania and Kilterstatic will challenge your form and strength.

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