What is calisthenics?

Calisthenics comes from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and stenos (strength). They are exercises consisting of a variety of motor movements – running, standing, pushing etc. – performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment. So basically, bodyweight exercises. There is a certain beauty when bodyweight movements are performed with control, intent, flow and grace. Bodyweight exercises can be anything from push ups to sit ups to dance to running. The only limit to bodyweight exercise is your imagination!

What are some calisthenics exercises?

A calisthenic exercise is a bodyweight exercise. Any exercise in which you are using your bodyweight as resistance qualifies as a bodyweight exercise! Pull ups, sit ups, push ups, planks, running, squats, jumps etc.

What is movement?

The idea of movement in fitness, is to train the body using progressive and universal movement training. Training you to move like how nature intended for you to move. Our joints are not isolated, limited planes of movement and ranges of motions in isolation will not bring us to full efficiency and capability. By training in a way that follows the natural movement of our bodies, we greatly reduce the chances of injuries.

Who is suitable for calisthenics and movement?

Calisthenics is for any level of fitness. It’s especially good if you always feel like you are tight and stiff and very tense in your body. Bodyweight exercises move the body as a whole, in moving one part we do not neglect another part. Most times, we feel tense and weak because we have stopped moving, stopped greasing the joints of our body, and they become stiff and stuck. Bodyweight exercises coupled with movement will bring you an almost instantaneous awakening of body awareness.

Can I lose weight just from bodyweight exercises?

Yes, of course! Not only will you lose weight, you will move with more power and grace, walk with better posture, and build lean muscle that will give you a desirable lean physique.

Alleviates tension in the shoulders and neck.

Calisthenics and movement exercises work the shoulders a lot. They help make the shoulders stronger, giving the shoulder joint more chance to practice the mobility that it is intended to give us, thus freeing it from stiffness and impaired function.

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