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How to do a forward roll

By December 26, 2017 No Comments

As adults, we forget to play, to move, to discover new things and be excited by them alike. From inquisitive and fearless children, we have become fearful, overly cautious adult creatures, scared to do anything that might potentially hurt us, when in fact, it’s the things that we don’t do that is effect to cause us more harm.

The forward roll is a good example. We’ve all rolled on the floor as kids, tumbled around, forwards and yikes, even backwards (a distant memory). We were fearless, we didn’t think about snapping our necks, breaking a finger, getting stuck in that mid-position, not knowing to kick down and push back. We just rolled.

Practicing something like the forward roll can give us a boost of confidence, bring out our inner child, overcome fear, improve our coordination, work our core and fire up our mental-muscle connection (we LOVE mental muscle connection).

Step 1

Get into a high kneeling position with both hands placed firmly in front. To transit, tuck chin in to chest, resting the back of head and shoulder on to the floor. Straighten the front kneeling leg as you bring the other knee towards the chest.

Step 2

Stay relaxed and keep a rounded back. Shift weight forward without forcing the rotation. To transit, follow through the roll slowly, keeping the trailing leg straight to control your direction.

Step 3

End by landing the trailing leg down gently, keeping the back rounded and abs tucked in.

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