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Get upside down

By December 21, 2017 No Comments
Spread fingers wide for a good base for balance. Push through heels of palm and fingertips.
Squeeze glutes.

Did you know that being upside down can be good for you? We like playing and monkeying around, but there are actually some benefits to handstands and inversions.

Handstands and inversions can build up your core strength

We love this, because we’ve always said that a good core helps to stabllise the spine, and be the base of support for virtually all movement. Core conditioning can also give rise to that flatter stomach appearance (which we all think is the showing of the epitome of fitness, but let’s leave that for another time), because it improves your posture and makes, allows you to stand up taller.

A good posture

A good posture is important in helping you execute different skills such as running, walking, lifting etc. It places less stress on your joints and ligaments. Think of it as always having proper form. Living with bad posture can cause problems like back pain, fatigue, impingement and nerve compression etc.

Improving your circulation

Being upside down lets the lymphatic system drain more rapidly, and increases oxygen to the organs and tissues. You’ll feel recharged with increased mental clarity (increased oxygen flow to the brain).

Get upside down

Look for a wall, and we encourage you to go walking up the wall (with your nose facing the wall). Walk with your feet to as far as you can, tighten them glutes, push into the ground and through the shoulders. And hold for 30 seconds (or longer if you feel comfortable).

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