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A message to your muscles

By December 18, 2017 No Comments

We’ve all had that feeling of rut. Those days where we feel defeated, like today will not be the day I nail that back bend. Today will not be the day I make all my sprints. And that’s okay.


We don’t always have to chase the PR and the numbers and the sequences. We need to just pay attention to our minds and our bodies, to know the why, and the what will follow. We’re not all fitness professionals, and yes, they may know what exercises work for what particular goals, but no one knows you better than yourself. There’s a higher level of effectiveness in your workout when you’re intentional about it, when you send the message from your thought to your muscle, when there is a connection you can sense and feel. It might sound kooky, but it works.


A sustainable fitness comes from being achievable in the long run; we can adapt, change, modify our workouts and actions based on changes in our schedules and circumstances. As long as the fundamental motivation of heading to the gym remains alive, we’ll be okay!

And who knows, maybe today might be the day I get that back bend after all.

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