Kilter Avenue is a lifestyle spot, focused on fitness, driven by fun.

kil.ter proper or usual state – order – balance

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Kilter Avenue has launched HRVST, its in-house vegan restaurant and bar. Helmed by head chefs Addis Tan and Dylan Choong, who have worked in many kitchens, most recently in Tippling Club, Esquina and Cheek by Jowl, they are focused on making vegan food cool and attractive.


Recharge at our outdoor bar after your workout. Choose from our selection of Craft Beers, New Zealand Wines and our large variety of Gin.

Boutique Movement Studio

Build Muscle With Curated Bodyweight Workouts

Our aim is to get you to move better. To move freely. To tell your body to be strong with purpose, to be mindful, to have intention. By incorporating movement patterns into our workouts, we train both body and brain for more efficient muscle work as well as leaner, meaner, smarter bodies.

The Result?

  • Relieved neck and shoulder aches
  • Improved flexibility and strength
  • Toned, lean physique
  • Loss of Weight
A Balanced Lifestyle


We train hard, and play hard.
Our happy hour prices are from Mon - Fri, 5pm - 8pm
$10Nett for Bottled Beers, House Pours and Wines.

Bar Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri | 5pm - 11PM

Neck, Back or Shoulder Aches?

We were born to move.

Get up and move. Don't stay in your seat for hours. Get a standing desk, get on your hands and feet. By introducing bodyweight movement training into your fitness regime, we are introducing full bodyweight compound movements, using and mobilising different joints of our body at the same time. This allows for previously immobile and stiff joints to be awoken, thus releasing tension that has been built up in those areas by long-term inactivity.

Our classes will set your body into high gear, push you to your limits and challenge your mind.

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How does calisthenics benefit you?

Our classes use minimal equipment, manipulating the body to work harder by playing around with tempo and leverage. The body needs to work as a whole; our workouts will not only make you lean and strong, you will feel a stability and fluidity like never before.

More control

You will move with much more awareness and control of your body. Your mind will be awoken.

More strength

You will be stronger. So much stronger than before you started. You will be so strong, you will move with a sense of lightness.

More flexible

You will become more mobile and enjoy greater range of motion through all your limbs and joints.

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