Balance. Balance.

Welcome to Kilter Avenue. Drop in, work out. Sweat a little.

Boot Camp Singapore | Welcome to Kilter Avenue. We offer boot camps and capoeira classes for individuals and corporate bookings.

“Hey you. You work hard, play hard. You go hard at life. You are a successful person and you have power. Your body should reflect that. We work hard, play hard. We also train hard.”

The Kilter Krew  Founders, Kilter Avenue

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Kilter Knights unite. We train as one and play as one. Come join our community.

We sleep too

This is not a 6am call time. We like sleeping in too. Sleeping lets our muscles grow, and we look good. Our earliest class is at 10am. Wake up at 9am. Man up.


Sit ups, push ups, star jumps, it doesn’t matter. You just need to keep moving. It doesn’t matter how fit or unfit you think you are. Don’t let that stop you from moving.

 “You’re not going to make me cry, are you? No. Of course not. Well, maybe. But you’ll thank me after.”

Rajeev  Head Trainer, Kilter Avenue

Our Bootcamps

Nothing tastes as good as strong feels.

Every Saturday

We run bootcamps every Saturday. Book your slot here.


Our trainer has over 10 years of experience to whoop your a** into shape.

Video Tutorials

Coming soon.

Gift + Corporate

Surprise someone with a class. Or make a corporate booking and show them who’s the real boss.

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